Fraser International College Admissions and Degree Programs


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Although it was only founded in 2006, Burnaby’s Fraser International College (FIC) is a rapidly growing tertiary institution in British Columbia. In the second year of the pertinent subject or field, this fraser college in Canada allows direct entry into the bachelor’s degree programs of the renowned Simon Fraser University of British Columbia.


This FIC also runs a thorough and incredibly elegant foundation curriculum for quick entry into the academic programs of any university. The faculty departments and teaching faculties of Simon Fraser University were consulted when creating the curriculum for this private institution. Today, this fraser international college draws over 1500 domestic and foreign students each year [from roughly 35 nations worldwide] to pursue its sophisticated programs. The renowned Australian educational organization Navitas Limited privately runs this FIC. The information in the section below is exclusive and pertains to the courses offered by this college, its location, and the prerequisites for enrollment in its courses.

Admissions and Degree Programs

Rich and excellent fraser international college courses span a wide range of subjects and are quite helpful for promoting quick and creative study pace at institutions, particularly the highly regarded Simon Fraser University (SFU) of British Columbia. A foundation program and a postgraduate program are also offered by this rapidly expanding fraser international college burnaby to assist high school graduates and adults interested in pursuing higher education. These programs are in addition to a variety of undergraduate programs [which facilitate ready and well-skilled entry to the second year of concerned bachelor’s degree program of the SFU]. The following are the educational programs offered by this fraser international college canada that both domestic and foreign students find most appealing:

  • University Transfer Program (UTP) Stage I: Foundation Program
  • FIC Associate of Arts Degree
  • UTP Stage II: For disciplines like arts and social sciences, business administration, communication, art, and technology, computer science, engineering science, environment, and health science, this undergraduate program is individually offered.
  • FIC Pre-MBA Program

Address: 8999 Nelson Way, Burnaby, BC V5A 4B5, Canada

To know all about the requirements and eligibilities for admissions into the programs of this internationally famous college, please visit the webpage:

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