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About Mount Royal College

Calgary, Alberta is home to the Mount Royal University, also known as the Mount Royal College (MRC), a prestigious higher education center. One of Alberta’s most well-known and prestigious institutions for earning Bachelor’s degrees, diplomas, certifications, academic upgrading courses, continuing education programs, and university transfer programs is this Mount Royal College. Through eCampus Alberta, some of these Mount Royal College programs are also offered online.


Numerous overseas students attend this rapidly developing college to pursue any of these programs of international standards and acclaim in addition to a sizable number of high school kids and adults living in Calgary and Canada. The Mount Royal College University, its extensive offering of on-campus and online courses, admissions to these courses, addresses of the relevant departments and offices for these admissions, and many other significant pieces of information are all provided on this website for the benefit of both domestic and international students. This college, which was founded in 1910, is now well-equipped with all opulent and luxurious educational amenities, knowledgeable and experienced faculty, and student support facilities, such as student counseling services, career services, academic advising services, and employment support services.

Online Education Courses and Admissions

The four-year bachelor’s degrees, four-year baccalaureate applied degrees, two-year diplomas, one-year certificates, university transfer programs, academic upgrading courses, continuing education programs, and distance learning courses are the main categories into which the ace-quality Mount Royal College courses can be broadly divided. These courses at various academic levels cover a wide range of important and very productive topics. These programs are carried out and made available with the assistance of the Bissett School of Business, its numerous opulent faculties, study centers, and institutes. The following are the main academic and teaching faculties at Mount Royal College in Alberta, each of which houses a variety of disciplinary departments:

  • The Faculty of Arts
  • The Faculty of Communication Studies
  • The Faculty of Continuing Education
  • The Faculty of Health and Community Studies
  • The Faculty of Science and Technology
  • The Faculty of Teaching and Learning

Through the assistance of eCampusAlberta and the renowned Athabasca University, which offers a variety of certificates and degrees, this college offers a wide choice of online courses as part of its distance learning programs. A consortium of 15 colleges in Alberta, reputable technical schools, and other well-known online universities called eCampusAlberta was established to make access to a wide range of online learning possibilities easier and more widespread. The primary and most popular online courses offered by Mount Royal College are associated with the following broad streams:

  • The Faculty of Arts
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Nursing
  • Critical Care Nursing
  • Economics
  • English
  • Forensic Studies
  • Studies in Aging
  • Maternal Infant Child Healthcare
  • Mental Health
  • Physical Education and Recreation Studies
  • Social Work
  • Early Learning and Child Care
  • Policy Studies
  • And many other subjects/fields of contemporary importance.


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