Royal Military College Degree Programs In Canada


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As well as providing a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degrees in the arts, sciences, and engineering, the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC, or RMCC) is the sole federal university in Canada devoted to producing military officers for the Canadian Forces.

This Canadian Royal Military College has been generating highly capable and creative graduates who have built a reputation for providing excellent services and amazing accomplishments for more than a century. Both on-campus and distance learning options for the royal military college courses are covered separately in the section below. There are currently more than 2000 students enrolled there each year, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. To assist occupied students and working adults, this highly regarded royal military institution in Kingston, Canada, also offers several part-time undergraduate degrees. In addition, its Division of Continuing Studies (DCS) is well-known for providing a wide range of undergraduate and graduate-level programs. The Royal Military College’s online mba program is incredibly well-liked. Its postgraduate online programs span topics including the Master of Business Administration [MBA], Master of Public Administration [MPA], and the War Studies Programme.

Royal Military College Degree Programs in Canada

There are now roughly 20 undergraduate degrees and 35 postgraduate programs available through the Royal Military College. While there are both full-time and part-time undergraduate programs available, there are primarily full-time postgraduate degrees, including 14 PhD programs. These programs are offered with the following academic divisions’ effective assistance, in the aforementioned areas and disciplines:

  • Faculty of Engineering: Its faculty division is made up of the departments of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer engineering, civil engineering, chemistry, and chemical engineering.
  • Faculty of Arts: Departments of Management and Economics, French Studies, English, History, and Language Center as well as the Departments of Military Psychology and Leadership and Political Science.
  • Faculty of Science: Departments of Applied Military Science, Mathematics and Computer Science, Physics, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Department of Physics, Department of Space Science.
  • Faculty of Continuing Studies: It comprises of the Graduate Studies and Research department and the Continuing Studies Division of RMC Saint-Jean.

13 General Crerar Crescent, Kingston, Ontario K7K 7B4, Canada +1 613-541-6000

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