List Of Universities In Nova Scotia


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The Canadian province of Nova Scotia is well known across the world for its large-scale exports of Christmas trees, fish and fish products, gypsum, wild berries, lobsters, etc. Despite being a small province (the second-smallest in size in Canada after Prince Edward Island), Nova Scotia has made rapid advancements in its economy over the past several decades, catching up to other Canadian provinces in terms of economic development.

However, the main focus of this article is on providing details about the colleges and universities in Nova Scotia as well as the state of higher education in this multicultural and rapidly developing maritime province of Canada. Here is some additional pertinent information about this province that may be helpful to our international guests.

With over a million people living there as of today, this one of Canada’s three marine provinces is the second most populated. The Halifax Regional Municipality, the largest urban area in all of Atlantic Canada and home to the bulk of Nova Scotia’s colleges, serves as the province’s glitzy and vibrant capital. The defense and aerospace sector, manufacturing sector, information and communication technology [ICT] sector, film industry, tourism industry, and several other industries based on natural resources all contribute to Nova Scotia’s strong economy.

List of Universities in Nova Scotia

Despite having a tiny population of one million people who are of many ethnic and religious backgrounds, Nova Scotia is home to the Nova Scotia Community College, which has 13 campuses, and eleven public institutions. The Ministry of Labour and Advanced Education is the provincial authority in charge of higher education in Nova Scotia. Strong religious ties can be found at several Nova Scotian campuses. The oldest institution in Nova Scotia is the University of King’s College, founded in 1789; the newest is Cape Breton University, founded in 1974. The Atlantic School of Theology, Dalhousie University, Mount Saint Vincent University, NSCAD University, Saint Mary’s University, and University of King’s College are among the universities with locations in the Halifax Regional Municipality. The academic courses at Pointe-de-Universite l’Eglise’s Sainte-Anne are taught in French. The full list of Nova Scotia universities is provided separately below. The universities in Nova Scotia provide educational programs at various degree levels in a variety of professionally in-demand academic specialties and fields, including the broad streams of arts and humanities, sciences, engineering and technology, information technology, business administration and management, education, and social sciences. They also offer programs in medicine and healthcare, education and teaching, tourism and hospitality, applied human nutrition, legal studies, and other fields. The following is a list of universities in Nova Scotia:

·         Dalhousie University

·         Cape Breton University (CBU)

·         Acadia University

·         Mount Saint Vincent University

·         St. Francis Xavier University

·         University of King’s College

·         Saint Mary’s University

·         Universite Sainte-Anne

·         Atlantic School of Theology

·         Nova Scotia Agricultural College

·         Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University


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