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Universities In Alberta Overview

Due to their prestigious academic programs and lavish research facilities, many universities in Alberta attract many international students from over 152 different nations each year. The academic and professional degrees offered by these universities in Alberta are highly valued by businesses working in a variety of economic sectors.

Alberta colleges and universities also stand out for their affordable and competitive tuition rates, accessible housing costs, and generous support for international students. Our carefully crafted online site provides comprehensive and incredibly helpful information about living in Alberta and attending university, as well as a list of the best universities in Alberta, to aid international students and researchers from all over the world.

Alberta, a province in western Canada, has a sizable population of more than 4 million people and ranks as the fourth most populous province in the nation. Alberta, which takes pride in its abundance of natural resources, wide-open spaces, 17 cities, several institutions, and prairie landscapes, has a robust economy driven mostly by the oil and gas sectors. The capital of Alberta is Edmonton, one of Canada’s most diverse cities, while Calgary, the third-largest city in Canada, is considered to be Alberta’s largest city in terms of both people and area.

List of Universities in Alberta, Canada

The Ministry of Enterprise and Advanced Education oversees and updates post-secondary or higher education in Alberta. The province of Alberta now has a large number of publicly sponsored and privately funded institutions spread across towns including Edmonton, Calgary, and Lethbridge. In addition to these universities, Alberta is home to other colleges and career schools that are well-known on a national and international scale. The University of Alberta is considered to be one of the most highly regarded and research-intensive universities in the world. It is also the oldest and largest university in Alberta. These institutes of higher learning in Alberta provide numerous academic, vocational, and professional courses at various levels of hierarchy and in a sizable variety of disciplines or fields.

Arts and humanities, sciences, engineering and technology, information technology, medicine, business administration and management, creative arts and design, accounting and commerce, social sciences, law and legal studies, and many other topics of current importance and international acclaim are among the streams or subjects covered by the programs offered by Alberta’s universities and colleges.

The following list of universities in Alberta includes those that are now most well-known and well-liked among students and scholars from both domestic and other countries:


·         University of Alberta

·         University of Calgary

·         University of Lethbridge

·         Athabasca University

·         The King’s University College

·         Concordia University College of Alberta

·         St. Mary’s University College

·         Ambrose University

·         Grant MacEwan University

·         Mount Royal University

·         Canadian University College

·         Northern Alberta Institute of Technology [NAIT]


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