List Of Top British Columbia Universities


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Overview of British Columbia Universities

A considerable number of international students, researchers, and professionals are drawn to British Columbia’s numerous internationally renowned institutions each year because they provide top-notch higher education across a wide range of subjects. The University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, University of Victoria, Thompson Rivers University, Kwantlen Polytechnic University, and others are the most renowned and well-known of these British Columbia universities. This really valuable and interesting web article provides detailed information about British Columbia’s universities as well as the state of higher education in Canada’s westernmost province.


British Columbia, a province on Canada’s west coast, is well-known across the world for its stunning natural surroundings, snow sports, and top-notch higher education. British Columbia, which has a current population of about 5 million, has been a very sought-after location in Canada for both higher education and lucrative jobs, for both students and professionals from nations all over the world. Vancouver is its largest city, and Victoria serves as its capital. The annual cost of education (tuition fees) in British Columbia typically ranges from CAD$8,000 to CAD$26,000 depending on the academic degree level and the chosen university. The courses at the best institutions in British Columbia have a thorough coverage of all the most popular and preferred vocations and jobs in all countries.

List of Top British Columbia Universities

Approximately 14 universities, 16 colleges, and a huge number of career colleges and institutes, including both the publicly financed and private institutions, efficiently and punctually give superior higher education in British Columbia. In order to further their higher education at various academic and professional levels, more than 100,000 foreign students and researchers visit these British Columbia colleges and universities each year. The bulk of foreign students studying in BC are from nations like China, India, Japan, South Korea, the United States, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Taiwan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, etc. The international students office and student association are fully operational at almost all of British Columbia’s nationally and internationally renowned institutions of higher learning in a wide range of fields. The following list of British Columbia universities encompasses most of the top and reputed universities of this highly significant province of Canada:

·         University of British Columbia

·         Simon Fraser University

·         University of Victoria

·         University of Northern British Columbia

·         Thompson Rivers University

·         Royal Roads University

·         Kwantlen Polytechnic University

·         Vancouver Island University

·         Capilano University

·         University of the Fraser Valley

·         Emily Carr University of Art and Design

·         Trinity Western University

·         Quest University

·         University Canada West

·         Fairleigh Dickinson University


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