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The Canadian province of Manitoba is well-known around the world for its wealth of natural resources, scenic landscapes, Arctic deep-water port, sunflower seeds, dry beans, and potatoes, as well as for its high-quality higher education. Numerous international students and professionals choose Manitoba as their preferred location in Canada for higher education and employment due to the province’s generous policies for international students, including the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP), some financial aid, student support services, etc. To assist international students from all around the world, this brief but extremely informative web post provides very useful and unique information about university education in Manitoba.

Currently, this multicultural province of glitzy Canada has a population of almost 1.30 million people. Winnipeg, considered to be the eighth-biggest Census Metropolitan Area in Canada, is the capital and largest city of Manitoba. Manitoba is truly captivating with its wide-open landscapes, tens of thousands of crystal-clear lakes, numerous rivers, and sand beaches. The main drivers of Manitoba’s economy are agriculture, tourism, and natural resources. Comparing this rapidly growing Canadian province to others like Ontario and British Columbia, living and studying here is considerably less expensive. The list of universities in Manitoba is shown separately in the section below.

List of Universities in Manitoba

The Ministry of Advanced Education and Literacy effectively regulates and continuously improves higher education in Manitoba, often known as post-secondary education or tertiary-level education. The colleges and universities offer this level of education, at various academic, professional, or vocational levels. Currently, Manitoba is home to five renowned universities, four of which are found in Winnipeg and one in the well-known city of Brandon. Manitoba is a state in Canada with five renowned universities. The list of universities in Manitoba that follows also contains some well regarded colleges in this captivating province in Canada:

·         University of Manitoba

·         Brandon University

·         Canadian Mennonite University [CMU]

·         University of Winnipeg

·         College universitaire de Saint-Boniface [USB]

·         Booth University College

·         Providence University College

·         University College of the North (The Pas)


The manitoba colleges and universities of international or global fame ideally encompass nearly all extremely popular disciplines or fields in nations globally. The range of disciplines offered by reputable Manitoba universities includes courses in the humanities and social sciences, business administration and management, engineering and technology, information technology, law and paralegal studies, music, agricultural and food sciences, architecture, education and teaching, environment and natural resources, pharmacy, social work, kinesiology & recreation management, etc.

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